Annual Inspection

A yearly inspection is a review of your own house or office to check if everything is functional and if safety precautions are still intact. You need to make this happen, at-least on a yearly basis in-order to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

Check for all the electrical wiring and outlets. Check for any scorches near these electrical wiring and inside the panels. Look for any cracks or bulges on walls, sidewalls, ceilings and see if they are seep resistant.

You should circulate through the entire house or office; inspect every nook and corner of the area. All the aspects concerning your house must be looked into for you to live your life peacefully and concentrate on issues which are more significant. Aspects like Water heating, Bathrooms, Laundry, Garage and kitchen,Doors and windows and the Attic should be thoroughly checked for any discrepancies. It is easier if you have a checklist while inspecting.

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